Fanaan Group looking for sponsors and also for a space, in Abu Dhabi,  to hold an ART FAIR some time this year. Big enough to hold 15-20 exhibition booths. email :



Fanaan Group, exhibition at the Ghaf Gallery, Khalidiya,  Abu Dhabi.

Jan.18th-29th 2009


STOP PRESS ........ 2008 ..............Next exhibition will be in Abu Dhabi........somewhere !

I am represented there by the Hemisphere Gallery, who has stocked my work since opening in spring 2003.


VOLUBILIS  GALLERY, TANGIER - 13th March - 13th April 2007

Feb. 2007...Working hard at present towards my next show at the Volubilis gallery, Kasbah, Tangier.   I exhibited there in 2005 - a lovely two-storey space made from a converted bakery, set in the huge stone walls of the old Kasbah.   It will be the usual mix of oil and watercolour paintings, small collages, and original prints.